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Gun control and women’s rights

March 6, 2013
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

VP Biden is definitely not the brightest bullet in the chamber when it comes to talking about gun control and women's rights.

It is not only an irresponsible act to shoot a firearm blindly into the air (you know what goes up must come down) but also if he would check with his son the attorney general of Delaware, he would discover that it is a felony to do so. Also if you are 15 yards off a road, it is a "Violation of the residential dwelling safety zone" and a misdemeanor.

As a woman, I'd prefer to have a small caliber gun instead of a 12-gauge, double barrel shotgun. First of all, I'd like to keep my shoulder intact. If you are not properly trained in using shotguns, the recoil could really do some damage. Next, I'd only have two shots with the double barrel. With a clip if I miss the first two times I have at least 4 more chances.

No matter what weapon you decide to have, it is essential to have proper training. Telling Mrs. Biden to head out to the porch and blindly shoot to me is not very good advice.

Last but not least, I do not want VP Biden or anyone in Congress or government telling what type of firearm I may own to protect myself. If I choose to have a 22, 25 or 38, whether it's a Luger, Smith & Wesson or Colt, that is my choice. Whatever I have and whatever I will buy, I will go to the gun range and practice and know the proper use of the gun along with the laws in my state.

Donna Loibl




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