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Walk softly and carry a big snake

February 27, 2013
Pine Island Eagle

To the editor:

You can tell the election is over. The price of gas is going up again. And how about those student loans? Why loan millions of people money when we know there's no jobs for them when they get out of college. Whoever is responsible for the economy of this country should have seen this coming and knocked off the loans.

There are more serviceman's suicides then there are war-related deaths. Why don't we get out of there and mind our own business for a change. Or is that the government's way of solving the unemployment crisis. Our enemies don't have to worry, our government is destroying our country in its own little way.

But we do have a golden opportunity now involving millions of people. That being, removing trash from T.V. and the internet. Full-time job since 90 percent is trash. You can be one of the workers on this project, just call your senator and object to it. Nobody will miss the shows except the perverts of this world. Freedom of speech? Some of the words on T.V. and in the movies are not in the dictionary so they're not speech.

On another note, why call off the python hunt? The state took in more then they gave out. What's the problem? Sounds like a money maker for the state. Walk softly and carry a big snake.

Ralph Brookhart

St. James City



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