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‘Voting rights’ and the hidden agenda

By Staff | Oct 12, 2021

To the editor:

Biden is pushing legislation so Democrats can control elections from Washington. This hidden agenda will allow voter-immune bureaucrats to manage the election process similar to how education is taking control from local school boards by beefing up state and federal education control. Controlling elections from Washington is purely a political move allowing more voting fraud.

Anyone who says there is no fraud in our election system must be living in a Democratic cocoon. Even the many left-leaning papers have an article every election how some intercity precincts have had more votes than eligible voters.

Democrats going to war attacking voter ID, proves they see this as the biggest obstacle to their voting fraud. In Seattle, one can vote at some precincts without an address and only sign using an X. This is an open door for massive voter fraud. Is it any wonder those precincts have more votes than eligible voters and Democrats receive almost all the votes?

Voting ID makes it hard for some people to vote? Food Stamps require an ID. I was asked for my ID five times last week. IDs are free.

In Colorado, 40% of registered voters are either dead or have moved allowing anyone to vote using the name of a dead person. Voting fraud has turned a purple state into a blue state. The Secretary of State in Minnesota has spent much of his time fighting voter ID and election transparency. How can anyone not believe he is protecting voter fraud?

A Republican Senator in Minnesota won an election by a few hundred votes so they recounted. He was still ahead so they recounted again. One instance stands out. A poll worker long after the election suddenly found ballots in his car that he had “forgotten” to deliver on election night. Chalk another one up to voter fraud. The Democrat, Al Franken was finally awarded the win.

A couple new avenues to voter fraud is becoming popular — voter harvesting and voting by mail. Democrats go door to door with ballots to help people vote, even delivering the ballots back to the precincts, another open door for fraud. There is no way to police those activities and voter ID is not used.

Democrats complain about gerrymandering but they do the same thing and would like to gerrymander from Washington D.C. That would be fraud at the highest level and could take over the government.

Republicans want only eligible people who know enough to vote to not be cancelled by door to door salesmen. If a person isn’t interested enough in our country to vote of their own initiative, why should Democrats do it for them? Fair elections are not accomplished by how many votes can be harvested but by honest votes from concerned citizens.

Democratically governed major cities are exemplified by poor education, high crime, broken families, sky rocketing homicide rate, looting and burning. This is the result of election fraud. Once in power, Democrats manipulate the system while calling Republicans (who don’t even have councilmen in many cities) of being racist. This deceptive marketing gives fake news, the education community and the entertainment world an excuse to not hold them accountable for their inability to govern.

Manipulating elections is fraud and it only serves those who want power at any cost to America.

John Benedict

Cape Coral