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Norm’s Tasting Notes: 2018 Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel

By Norm Bentley - | Oct 8, 2021

Norm Bentley, The North Georgia Wine Advisor. PHOTO PROVIDED

The North Georgia Wine Advisor



2018 Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel


Saturday Night with College Football on the TV, and a big plate of Spaghetti on the table, and next to it, a bottle of California Old Vine Zinfandel. The game was great, as was the Spaghetti, and the bottle of 2018 Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel. Its a good way to enjoy a fall evening, with Football, Pasta, and Vino!

The Bogle is rich and jammy, with the smell of a summertime berry patch. The flavors broadcast Blackberry and Black Raspberry in a blast at your senses, and trail off into toasty tannins, which cut right through Spaghetti, or any other spicy sauced fare! The alcohol content is 14.5%, and Norm’s score is 88.

A bottle of Bogle is a perfect match for Spaghetti or a hearty Beef Stew, as well as most grilled meats, including BBQ. Don’t forget, “Old Vine means Good Wine!”

Score: 88

Price: $11-$15