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Don’t get caught up in political “noise”

By Staff | Sep 16, 2021

To the editor:

The battle in Florida over mandatory masks in schools, from our governor’s perspective, is all about the rights of the parents, not a government agency, to make decisions concerning the welfare of their children. Of course the Democratic Party is telling you it’s about our governor wanting to murder our children.

Biden’s numbers (9-21-21 Rasmussen Poll) are about in line with DeSantis’ latest numbers but Biden is, naturally, given as much cover by the mainstream media as humanly possible while DeSantis is attacked daily on a national level by those same “news” outlets.

So let’s look at what the media is not telling you about Florida’s COVID death rate.

Florida ranks 21 in deaths per 100,000 residents at 205 per 100k. New Jersey is by far the worst with 305 deaths per 100k residents, followed closely by New York (279/100k) then Massachusetts and Rhode Island (265/100k & 262/100k). Other states enduring severe lockdowns that rank worse than Florida are Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois.

Florida is a tourist state and did not impose the lockdowns that the other states, with higher death rates, imposed, and yet our death rate is lower than theirs.

You might ask why the media isn’t focused on the numbers of these states, after all, New Jersey’s death rate is almost 50 percent higher than Florida’s so why the focus on Gov. DeSantis?

He’s a conservative governor in a key battleground state and the massive media blitz condemning his handling of the Chinese virus is the groundwork being laid to put a Democrat in the governor’s office next year.

It’s also a distraction from the latest poll on Biden (invisible on mainstream media) showing a 54 percent disapproval rating with 46 percent strongly disapproving and only 26 percent strongly approving.

There are many statistical facts supporting our governor’s management of our state like our unemployment rate at 5.1 percent versus New York, New Jersey and Illinois, all at over 7 percent unemployment.

But, you’re never going to see the “good news” on our governor just like you’ll never see the plethora of bad news on Biden.

Max Christian

St. James City