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Student mask mandate

By Staff | Aug 18, 2021

To the editor:

I am a retired educator, supervisor and coordinator originally from Maryland, and my wife and I are appalled at the lack of concern Governor DeSantis has demonstrated for the health and safety of our citizens–especially our youth.

I have the following questions for the governor: Do you insist that your children wear seat belts or sit in appropriate child safety seats when riding in your car? Or do you let them decide whether or not to do so? When they are in school, would you let them decide to wear face protection or safety goggles when doing chemistry experiments or operating power cutting tools? Would you sue the teachers who did require these safety protections? Keep in mind that by NOT wearing certain safety equipment, they are not only endangering themselves but perhaps also endangering their classmates.

So, how do these examples differ from a child wearing a face mask in school which protects them as well as neighboring classmates from a disease that could be fatal to them–as well as their classmates and even their teachers or families? Your disregard for the health of our youth and the tragedies which might befall their families is disastrous to say the least!

Roland Phelps

Cape Coral