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Honor and respect of Old Glory

By Staff | Aug 2, 2021

To the editor:

As a veteran and former Marine, it causes me great concern when I see the disrespect to our National Colors, the American Flag. On my daily journeys around the Island I see numerous American Flags that are respectfully displayed, but I also see numerous flags flying that are shredded and torn and weathered but still flying. This is not honoring our flag; these flags should be taken down and dropped off at the VFW or American Legion for proper retirement.

American Legion Post 136 holds a yearly retirement ceremony for unserviceable flags on Flag Day, June 14. The VFW and the American Legion on the island have flags available for a small donation, so if you have a torn flag, please take it down and replace it.

The VFW and the Legion stand ready to help in this matter, we are in the planning stages of a program that will allow a worn flag to be turned in and a new one issued. Once the donations and funding has been lined up the program will begin.

I hope that “Island Family” will once again come together and get the word out to “Honor and respect Old Glory.”

Semper fi,

Tom Ferguson,

Commander VFW Post #4353