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Norm’s Tasting Notes: 2019 Ferrari-Carano Sonoma County Pinot Grigio

By Norm Bentley - | Jul 18, 2021

Norm Bentley, The North Georgia Wine Advisor. PHOTO PROVIDED

The North Georgia Wine Advisor



2019 Ferrari-Carano Sonoma County Pinot Grigio


A few nights back, we had dinner with old friends at a small French restaurant in their neighborhood, where we dined on Escargot, Mussels, and Crab. There was a Pinot Grigio on the wine list which we had not tried in the past, but it was from Ferrari-Carano, whose wines we usually enjoy, and it was also from grapes in the Russian River designation in Sonoma County. It was no disappointment, and was a perfect choice for the excellent food on our table. This vintage does not reference Russian River on the label, but my research showed that the grapes were sourced from vineyards in the region. It seems that you just can’t go wrong with Russian River grapes!

The wine has a pungent aroma, featuring orange blossoms and lemon zest The flavors back up its fragrance, with stone fruit, green apple, with a touch of melon, and a mild citrus breeze. It has a lush finish, but is clean and refreshing, and entices you back for another sip! This one is a “for real winner”! The alcohol content is 13.7%, and Norm’s score is 92.

A bottle of Ferrari Carano-Pinot Grigio is great with mussels in wine and butter, and stands up very well to the butter and garlic in Escargot.

Score: 92

Price: $13-$17