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PIE students present sciences fair projects

By Staff | May 12, 2021

The Exploding Sodas! team included Cody Martin, Bryan Gomes, Cesar Valdez, Levi Brown and Aaron Thorpe. PHOTO PROVIDED

Every year Pine Island Elementary school students in kindergarten-5th grade participate in the Lee County Science Fair Expo. Teachers and students work together during this time to learn all about the scientific method — coming up with a question, making a hypothesis( a guess), getting the materials, creating the steps needed to complete the project and collecting data and then stating their conclusion.

The school’s primary classrooms worked together on their science fair projects to ensure that they are learning all the steps required in completing a science fair board on their own when they get older.

In grades 3-5, the students either worked in small groups or individually on their projects.

PIE has its own school science fair as well so that all the students in the school can see each other’s projects. During the school’s science fair, the students in the upper grades stand by their project and explain what they did and what was the outcome of their research.

Judges evaluated all of the projects and selected the top 6 projects. The winners of this year’s Pine Island Elementary School Science Fair are:

#1: Exploding Sodas! by Cody Martin, Aaron Thorpe, Levi Brown, Cesar Valdez and Bryan Gomes

#2: Battery Life by Joseph Pacey and Lian Larkin

#3: Thirsty Plants by Ryder Stearns, Isabella Rodgers and Hunter Deny

#4: Icy Pools by Gianna Liano and Icy Wilbanks

#5: Glow Bright by Ella Dempsey

#6: Sticky Situation by Patrick Kunkel, Kamryn Boles and Pierce Leibert