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Parents need to take back control of children’s education, support HB 241 and SB 582

By Staff | May 12, 2021

To the editor:

“While no one argues with a parent’s right to teach whatever they like at home, forcing the public school system to allow students to opt in or out of required state approved classes would essentially be teaching students different curriculums.”

Yes, it would, and it is about time that parents took back control over the teachings of “state-approved” classes. That is exactly what HB 241 and SB 582 will finally accomplish. Parents do not relinquish their rights over their children at the schoolhouse steps.

If you are fed up with the liberal’s theft of your child’s mind and future by controlling every aspect of their “mandated” learning experience spearheaded by the same national teachers unions that are refusing to honor the science of safely returning to the classrooms while demanding their paychecks, then every Floridian should instruct their legislator to vote “for” these very important bills and allow our state and the children within our state to be properly guided by the judgment of their parents; not the socialist’s attempting to indoctrinate the remaining free thinkers within our country.

Please vote and thank you for calling this important legislation to our attention.

Max Christian

St. James City