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Ancuram celebrates a year on Pine Island

By PAULETTE LeBLANC - | May 5, 2021

The staff at Ancuram Clinic, from left, RaShelle BrLas, medical assistant / paramedic; Dorothy Holy, office manager / receptionist; Nadia Kukuruza-Hanley, owner and CEO; and Dr. Daniel Hanley, doctor and owner. PHOTO PROVIDED


“It’s been amazing,” said Dr. Daniel Hanley of his first year for Ancuram Clinic on the island.

Hanley says it’s the best job he’s ever had, noting the community and lifestyle.

“To live and work in paradise is more than anybody could ask for,” said Hanley.

Hanley, who says he’s mostly relying on word of mouth from his clients to get the word out about his practice, feels it’s important to do things the right way, adding that as the business grows, his first priority is to sufficiently handle client flow, including follow up. Becoming overwhelmed right out of the starting gate is not good for any business, he said, thankful that the small clinic has been growing as the number of clients continues to grow.

He said the people have been the best part of the clinic so far.

“Pretty much everyone that I meet is a wonderful person,” said Hanley. “This is an amazing community with a lot of good stories here. This really is a melting pot and you have the original islanders and multiple generations, mixed with the people who keep moving in from the colder climates.”

Hanley said his idea of success would be having the capacity to be able to serve the entire population of the island. He said people deserve options, such as the choice to stay on the island to see a physician.

He said he’d like to make it easy for people to go to the doctor, even if it’s only a one-time visit.

“If something needs attention right away and people can’t get to their regular doctor, I want to be that back-up plan,” said Hanley.

The biggest bump in the road, he said, has been that he really didn’t want his patients getting lost in insurance. He’s tried to remedy this by setting up an upfront payment plan, but in order to do that he wouldn’t be able to participate in any insurance, which he soon realized wasn’t a viable option for the people he was looking to serve.

“Pretty much everybody has insurance,” Hanley said. “Everybody works so hard to get this insurance, for me to not even make an attempt to work with that is not a good idea. I don’t want patients to pay extra if they don’t have to. More importantly, I want to offer them the full range of services. One of them is referrals. If I can’t even refer my patients to the appropriate doctor, that makes a lot of my knowledge useless.”

After just having his second child with wife Nadia, Hanley said he’s really looking forward to his family growing with the island clinic family.

“I’m thankful to be here,” said Hanley. “It’s a team effort. It’s not always going to be just me directly, but I will always be responsible and the buck stops with me, but at the same time to serve everybody will require nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, another doctor — even though the buck stops with me, I would like to have more people helping me out.”

A good team will be necessary to do things, such as increased home visits for the homebound. Increased access through telemedicine for those who simply have questions has served Hanley well and is set up by patients easily through the Ancuram website.

“Thank you for having us,” said Hanley. “It’s been wonderful to be here.”