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Builder responds to complaint about development in Tropical Point area

By Staff | Apr 28, 2021

To the editor:

In response to Stacy Dots builders ruining Tropical Point.

I am one of the new builders in Tropical Point. First, you are wrong regarding new construction and elevation allowed. It is not what is allowed, it is what is REQUIRED from Lee Bounty building code. Due to the flood area that we live in, you have to build a new home to code one of three ways:

1) House must be elevated a minimum of 7 ft. from middle of roadway.

2) Build a stilt house (I am older so I did not want to walk up three flights of stairs).

3) Build the house on a stem wall.

If you do not build your home this way it will not be CO and you could not obtain flood insurance and homeowners insurance would be astronomical.

I love it out here but when I built, I received a lot of flack due to how I was REQUIRED to build.

Craig Denison,

St. James City