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By Staff | Apr 14, 2021

To the editor:

Media are reporting that Lee County will be receiving “nearly $150 million” from President Biden’s American Rescue Plan and that the county is conferring with Senator Rubio’s office about how it can spend the windfall.

Better idea: Why doesn’t the county consult with its residents? In the spirit of encouraging civic engagement, Women For a Better Lee is sponsoring a contest to get ideas from Lee County residents for our county commissioners:

How would YOU spend millions of dollars?

The Rules:

• The contest is limited to Lee County residents 18 years-old+

• Each contestant may submit no more than three ideas for how this money is to be spent for the public good

• Entries will be judged on creativity, feasibility and lasting impact.

• Winning ideas will be forwarded to the Lee Board of County Commissioners.

All entries must be submitted to: WFBL2022@gmail.com (no entries will be accepted on Facebook).

The deadline for entries is April 19 and the winners announced on May 3.

Winners will be recognized with WFBL’s first Lightbulb Award. In addition, winners — and their ideas –will be featured in WFBL’s Commentary.

Some ideas to get you thinking:

• Expand summer parks and recreation programs for kids?

• Fund job retraining programs?

• Construct medians and crosswalks on roads to reduce pedestrian deaths?

• Increase the number of bike paths?

Start thinking! How can we make our community better? Enter at WFBL2022@gmail.com.

Charlotte Newton

Women For a Better Lee