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Politicians should not be making medical decisions

By Staff | Apr 14, 2021

To the editor:

I don’t wear my wedding ring to work. I’m a nurse working in women’s health, assisting with procedures and sedation. Many of my patients need a hand to squeeze, sometimes squeezing so hard I think my hand might break. No rings.

Some women see us for abortions. Some are experiencing the pain of knowing their baby has such serious problems they cannot survive. Can you imagine enduring daily questions, “when are you due?” or “is it a boy or a girl”? Heartbreaking. Continuing the pregnancy risks the mother’s physical and mental health. The most compassionate, medically appropriate treatment is therapeutic abortion.

There’s a bill in the Florida legislature (SB 744) that would make it a crime to help these women if they are more than 20 weeks pregnant. How can politicians determine what’s best for a woman? That’s a medical decision. These patients are having the worst day in their lives. I do all I can but it’s hard. Please ask your senators and representatives to get out of the procedure room and let professionals provide excellent, compassionate, medical care to women. That’s my job. If my hand and heart get somewhat bruised in the process, I can take it.

Isabel Francis, MPA, MSN, RN