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Local anglers turn out for Holloway Tournament

By PAULETTE LeBLANC - | Apr 14, 2021

The first place winner in the Holloway Tournament was Fisch Charters. PHOTO PROVIDED


Ernestine Holloway Squires reports that the 23rd annual Bobby Holloway Jr. Memorial Fishing Tournament held this past weekend was an amazing event.

“We had an amazing turn out — 69 adult boats and 12 youth,” said Holloway Squires, an organizer and hostess for the event. “I am so thankful for our supporters and sponsors. Our local youth are the real winners, they will benefit greatly from this outstanding tournament. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who volunteered — we couldn’t do this without you.”

The tournament was catch-photograph-release, and participants in both the Adult Division and Lil Bobbers division fished for one snook, one redfish and one seatrout. Home base for the event was Pineland Marina, 13921 Waterfront Drive.

At the post-tournament dinner, the awards presented included:

First place — Fisch Charters, 86.5 inches

2nd place — York Road Marine, 86.5 inches

3rd place — Not Mowin’, 86.5 inches

4th place — Aloha Marine SWFL, 85 inches

5th place — D1 Fishing, 84.5 inches

23rd place — Hit en Bottom, 70 inches

Lil Bobbers 1st place — Capt. John Conway with Adyn Pickett and Abby Pickett

Big Snook 35.5 inches — Team York Road Marine

Biggest trout 25.5 inches — Team Dooley Charters

Biggest Redfish 37.5 inches — Team Not Mowin’

Holloway Quick Pick — Team 55 and Team Bullet. These two teams were the lucky winners of $500 just for being at the awards dinner

Next year, Holloway Squires said she would love to see even more youth involvement in the tournament.

“We hope to be able to take more kids fishing in the Lil Bobber division, which is the heart of the Holloway (Local captains guide kids in the tournament).

“We hope for less wind,” she said, “and to make more money for the kids.”

For additional information about the tournament, visit www.hollowaytourney.org.