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Local artist dreams big

Aguilar's goal is to own her own gallery to display her art, and others’

By PAULETTE LeBLANC - | Apr 7, 2021

An example of Mishel Aguilar’s painted pillows. PAULETTE LeBLANC


Mishel Aguilar began painting a little less than two years ago. While her dream is to one day own her own gallery, for now, she’s happy just to share her visions.

“I started experimenting with fabric, acrylic paint and getting creative with color,” said Aguilar. “I would sell tie-dyed clothes around my neighborhood. I love when people enjoy the clothes that I paint.”

Aguilar says her dreams or even nightmares are most of the inspiration for her canvas work and she also designs pillows with her fabric paint, which she began making for her family. After posting pictures of the pillow,s she received orders for them and now finds herself making them frequently.

“After I got creative with my sewing machine, I started sewing bags and now I have a little galaxy collection,” said Aguilar. “I also make silk facemasks.

“I want my own gallery one day. I want to display my own art as well as other people’s art and creations,” she continued. “They should have a space to put their art.”

Currently, Aguilar takes custom orders for clothes or canvas. She can be reached at her email address, Artjutsu@icloud.com, her Website: Depop.com/artjutsu, or her Facebook page, artjutsu