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Norm’s Tasting Notes: 2019 Charles Krug Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc

By Norm Bentley - | Mar 26, 2021

Norm Bentley, The North Georgia Wine Advisor. PHOTO PROVIDED

The North Georgia Wine Advisor



2019 Charles Krug Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc


Sometimes a second look is in order, and such was the case for the 2019 Charles Krug Sauvignon Blanc, which I reviewed about a year ago. This time we served the Krug with a platter of Brie Cheese and an assortment of wheat crackers. A very nice array for the late afternoon.

The nose, as before, is fresh and fruity with peach, but very little melon being present as when the wine was younger. The flavors are peach with the presence of citrus, against a good mineral backbone. The balance between fruit and acidity is just right, as before, but the finish is a little more polished. The alcohol content is 13.4%, and Norm’s score is 90, where as a year ago I felt is was an 89.

A bottle of Krug Napa Sauvignon Blanc is a good companion for your cheese platter, and is going to be great with a chilled seafood salad.

Score: 90

Price: $15-$18