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Villa’s Insurance Group here to help

By PAULETTE LeBLANC - | Mar 10, 2021

James Smith of Villa Insurance Group. PHOTO BY LEBLANC


James Smith of Villa’s Insurance Group says he gets asked all the time how he came up with the business name.

“When I created the agency, I wanted to start something that I could leave to my children one day,” said Smith, explaining it was named for daughters Victoria, Isabella, Little Lilly (his youngest), Ariana and S, for Smith.

His dream is that one day his girls will branch out and take over. Having been one of the mechanics at the Pine Island Fire Department, Smith is very acquainted with the island and says he’s here to help.

“The islanders have been amazingly receptive,” said Smith. “I’ve been very well received, the people are very warm. I love it out here. I’ve always wanted to do something where I could help people. I wanted to be able to offer competitive insurance to people. I did my homework and saw a need out here. I thought this was a great location. My roots are out here, my parents are out here.”

Smith said his being out here is not just about insurance. He said his group is an independent non-captive agency, which allows him to shop multiple insurance carriers to find his clients the best fit and rate for their home or business.

“Most of the time I’m able to find either better coverage, better rates or both for my clients,” said Smith. “That makes me feel good inside. First and foremost I’d like people to know that I offer a four-part insurance assurance to every client so that everything is done correctly, so in the case of a loss everything gets paid out, and they won’t get refused a claim.

“The most important thing is to make sure that the people I do business with are properly protected,” he continued. “The second most important thing is saving money for my clients, and third — I will never over or under insure anyone. We will look at all risk factors associated with your potential risk to make sure all potential losses are covered and protected. We will shop our many carriers to find you the best rate possible.”

On his insurance menu, clients can find coverage for automotive, commercial or personal, homeowners, renters, marine, even RVs ATV, and golf carts.

Villa’s Insurance Group is located at 10530 Stringfellow Road, Suite 7, Bokeelia, FL 33922. Contact the office at 239-312-9259 or visit villasinsurancegroup.com for additional information.