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No to the radar tower

By Staff | Feb 17, 2021

To the editor:

Stop, stop, stop! Thank you Mr. Hislop for your expertise and insight concerning the radar tower proposal. (“Microwave…”, Eagle; 3 Feb. 21). I am not an engineer, however, I have been doing research on this topic and see that you are right on the money.

The Lee County Commission must not approve this tower. It packs huge wattage that has more potential detriment than advantage to our community. Residents of the rest of Lee County are unaffected. This only affects those on Pine Island and St James City in particular.

The comments by their weather chief are nonsense. Look at other weather radar coverage and see that there are at least three others that scan our area. WINK wants this tower only to use the information as an advertisement for their weather and news broadcast for “The Weather Authority” tag lines at our expense.

There is no public need for this tower. It will stand out above our homes and businesses; a gargantuan eyesore to anyone who views the island. Property values will decrease; would you want to live near a corporate owned device that produces a million watts of electromagnetic radiation? Further, as Mr. Hislop stated, there is a significant possibility that surrounding homes and businesses will experience broadcast and Wifi interference. Many, many households and businesses use Wifi, Internet and satellite for critical business and communication uses. Plus, there is an environmental component at stake. What kind of damage to our island flora and fauna will be caused by this metallic, watts+ structure and its use?

Again, to the Lee County Commissioners: The “loophole” in the Lee County wireless communication rule can be viewed in a number of ways. How about viewing it for the people who voted for you and not special interests with corporate agendas that have disregard for our island.

Go plant it next to the WINK offices

Art Arway

St. James City