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Please keep our islands clean

By Staff | Feb 10, 2021

To the editor:

As we often do, this past Sunday my husband Kiko and I took a walk in the beautiful Galt Preserve in St. James City. We love the serenity we feel there, and the communion with nature we always find. I usually take a bag, on the chance that we spot the odd piece of trash that needs picking up. This time we were horrified to discover that visitors had thrown garbage all along the trail. It indicates to me that the behavior of some people using the park is not aligned with the ideas of conservation of nature that are prevalent today, especially here on our beloved island.

Please, whether you are a Pine Islander or a visitor, consider how valuable (some might even say sacred) a place this beautiful is, and what pleasure we all can gain from walking there.

Bring a litter bag if you think you might have garbage — there are plenty of places to properly dispose of it.

Julia (Gordie) Villalon

St. James City