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Norm’s Tasting Notes: 2017 Cakebread Cellars Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

By Norm Bentley - | Jan 4, 2021

Norm Bentley, The North Georgia Wine Advisor. PHOTO PROVIDED

The North Georgia Wine Advisor



2017 Cakebread Cellars Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon


It is always great to visit old friends during the holidays, and even better when it involves great food and wine, especially if its my favorite, “a Slab and a Cab”! My friend’s sister in law always gives him a bottle of his favorite Cab for a Christmas present. (Cakebread) This year he put it on the table for us next to a perfect medium rare fillet. Wow! What a combination, great wine, a terrific steak, and wonderful old friends! You can’t beat a Slab and a Cab, and when it involves good folks, it just doesn’t get any better!

The nose is enticing with the scent of blueberry and blackberry, and a touch of mocha. The complex flavors swirl in the glass with evidence of dark berries and a little dash of black cherry. There is also the presence of an herbal-mineral taste sensation leading you to a lingering finish, highlighted with mellow, toasty oak. If you don’t like this one, then you probably just don’t like Cabs. The alcohol content is 14.6%, and Norm’s score is 93.

A bottle of this superb wine would be an excellent companion for almost any food you would enjoy with red wine!

Score: 93

Price: $65 – $75