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Nick-B’s Artisan Food Market opening soon

By PAULETTE LeBLANC - | Dec 28, 2020

Nick-B’s Artisan Food Market is expected to be open some time in January. PAULETTE LeBLANC


Maria Albano is getting ready to wow Pine Islanders with her food the same way she did for almost 40 years in the mountains of West Virginia.

Her specialty Chimi Churi Sauce, which will be for sale inside the shop, to be called Nick-B’s Artisan Food Market, as well as various other market items, has been a favorite in Gulf Coast farmer’s markets. In addition to fresh food served within the shop, there will be a market for shopping fresh baked bread, pasta, flank steak, salads, produce, fresh eggs, pastry, soup and sandwiches made to order, a coffee and juice bar, as well as event catering and food delivery.

Leaving the mountains of West Virginia was a big decision, Albano said. While she had made a home there, there were also many inconveniences, such as a trip to the supermarket, which took over two hours.

“It was a ski area that was very beautiful, but it was hard to leave,” she said regarding basic travel most people take for granted.

Albano began her work in Florida amidst the farmers markets. Finally settling in Pine Island has made her very content.

“I love the island. For some reason everything is just flowing, everyone is helping me. The people are very nice here,” Albano said, adding that making her business successful means everything.

She admitted that she’s very confident, in both her product and the knowledge she’s picked up in this business to give people what they want. Her only worry, she said, is in finding reliable people to serve her customers.

“I want people to work here, who are happy to be here, and who like people,” Albano said.

Whether you have time to sit down and eat, want food to prepare for later, or need delivery, or even catering, “fresh” is always going to be on the menu. If you’re looking for roasted garlic potatoes rather than French fries, and fresh baked Ciabatta bread instead of a bun, according to Albano you’ve come to the right place.

She hopes to open some time in January and says the hours will be daily from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Nick-B’s Artisan Food Market, when open, will be at 10502 Stringfellow Road.