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Island Crab Company builds unique ‘tree’

By PAULETTE LeBLANC - | Dec 28, 2020



Dallas Ryan of Island Crab Company wanted to spread some Christmas cheer so he assembled a three-man team to build a crab-trap Christmas tree just outside the Island Crab Company building.

He said he wanted a bigger crab-trap tree than they built last year. “It was a little smaller last year. This year we went a little wider and taller. If you try to build it too big, it collapses in on itself,” Ryan said.

He described the endeavor as a little off the wall, saying it’s not something people expect to see. It takes three people approximately half a day to build, he said.

“I get up on a lift and they throw the traps up to me, and then I get down, get all the lights together and go up again,” Ryan said. “Of course we latch all the traps together so it won’t fall over.”