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Lorelei “Lori” Ann Gainok

Nov 17, 2020

GAINOK, Lorelei “Lori” Ann (July 17, 1938-October 20, 2020) passed away peacefully from COVID-19 in Phoenix, AZ. She is survived by her niece, Pearl Ann Badman (Gainok), many nieces and nephews in Arizona and Oklahoma. She was a Navy WAVE, communications worker for Western Union, and owner of Seahorse Horse Farm in Olmstead Falls, OH. She lived in Matlacha, FL for many years as an active member of the community. Lori was a nature lover and was an avid SCUBA diver. She always had birds and cats visiting her home. Her ashes will be buried in the Evergreen Cemetery, South Amherst Ohio with her parents, Joseph and Anna Gainok (Kardosh). A portion of her ashes will be spread in the ocean near Matlacha. A funeral video will be broadcast on YouTube on Scott Jakubowski, CM channel. Please pray for her family and an end to the COVID-19 pandemic.