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Climate change hypocrisy

By Staff | Sep 23, 2020

To the editor:

As of 9/9/20, more than 2.2 million acres of forest have burned uncontrollably in California as reported by CBS News.

Previously, 2018 was the worst season for California fires consuming 1,893,913 acres, according to Wikipedia, and producing 68 million tons of heat trapping carbon dioxide, according to NBC News.

This year has already surpassed 2018 and another 70 to 100 million tons of carbon dioxide will be pumped into our atmosphere as a direct result of California wildfires. It doesn’t take a mathematician to calculate how many years it took for the fires to throw a billion tons of this potentially climate changing stuff into our atmosphere and this doesn’t even come close to measuring the economic devastation in terms of the human death toll and the tens of thousands of homes and businesses destroyed in the fires.

Calling the Democratic leadership in California “impotent” doesn’t even come close to describing their negligent mismanagement. Their socialist political machine is run by the very same people pointing fingers at the rest of us for causing “climate change.”

When a Republican gets on an airplane, they are ignoring the safety of their neighbors by supporting the fossil fuel burning industry but when a Democrat gets on that same airplane, they’re on their way to an important meeting to save the planet. Forestry Best Management Practices is a prescribed science that has completely escaped the agenda blinded political leadership in California. While it never surprises me that Democrats accuse others of the very crimes against humanity they themselves commit, it does strike me as incredibly ironic that Pelosi’s hypocrisy on the subject is so transparently and ignorantly blatant.

Max Christian

St. James Cit