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We’re better than this

By Staff | Sep 16, 2020

To the editor:

We live in a very friendly neighborhood in south St. James City. We have always gotten along with all our neighbors. It saddens us to discover that someone, under the cover of darkness, was guilty of trespassing, stealing, and denying the right of free speech to two of our neighbors.

We believe it must have been someone in the neighborhood because they stole the Biden Harris political signs from places where no one was home. We have been concerned about the divisiveness in our country, but never thought it would happen so close to home.

Why can’t we all choose to “peacefully disagree,” as all Americans are given the right to free speech by the First Amendment of the Constitution? Expressing one’s political choice in an election is a form of free speech.

Pine Island Is Better Than This!!

Nick and Jane Mohar

Saint James City