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Defund the Police? Who’s in charge of their replacement?

By Staff | Sep 16, 2020

To the editor:

On the morning of Dec. 20, 1989 at 1 a.m. the invasion of Panama, by the United States, began. Bombs began going off, tanks rolled toward Noriega’s “Comandancia” and an intense but short battle ensued. The most striking thing to me was watching each neighborhood and even each residential block of homes quickly form their own security force to keep roving “dignitary battalion” gangs from looting, kidnapping, and pillaging their homes. The police had evaporated into the population and they too were busy defending their own homes from opportunistic marauders seeking to prey on the general citizenry wherever and whenever they could do so.

We are witnessing a microcosm of the post-invasion events in Panama in Democratically controlled cities where mayors or governors of the state are having the police stand down allowing anarchists, under the guise of “social reform,” to control, destroy and terrorize large sections of cities resulting in demolition of personal property, looting and complete intimidation and injury to law abiding citizens trying to go about their daily lives. I’ve seen firsthand what happens when the police disappear and unless you are one of the criminals laying in wait for your shot at an easy target, you do not want to see it. The gangs become the police but without enforceable laws, you’ll be at the mercy of their leaders.

The Democratic Party is desperately searching to find a message to defeat President Trump in November. It now seems that ignoring the violence did not poll well so they’ve pivoted to blaming Trump for the violence and now appear to marginally condemn it, maybe. Almost daily, a new “revelation” is mysteriously and anonymously trotted out for a trial run to see how it polls or is swallowed by an increasingly skeptical public. The latest anonymous charge alleged the President besmirched wounded or KIA Veterans by calling them “losers” and coincided with a Biden political Ad that looked as though the Biden campaign had advance knowledge of this latest fabrication being run out for its trial balloon. It seems as though the Democratic candidate is never called on to respond to factual allegations with credible sources while the Republican candidate is called on to answer any and all allegations that the mainstream media puts in print, regardless of the absence of any credible sourcing. In this case, the people that were on scene with the President have corroborated the true version which simply dismisses the anonymous report as the total fiction it is but, those that hate our President continue to parrot the utter nonsense in the hope of getting somebody to believe their lie. These tactics are part and parcel to Alinsky’s “rules for radicals” and, as the title would indicate, are employed by “radicals” within our country.

The Democrats have been so busy creating chaos, taking advantage of the virus from China to shut down our economy and rooting for the failure of our country instead of prosperity and success, they’ve forgotten to come up with any type of positive platform of their own. They apparently favor the socialist revolution, which they have begun, using only their hatred of our President and his supporters as their catalyst.


Max Christian

St. James City