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Rose Gilbert

Aug 20, 2020

Rose Gilbert was a resident of New York City. She wintered in St. James City with her younger daughter Arlene Gilbert (James Coffey). She is also survived by her first born, Clarissa Weiss (Sam Weiss). A sister survives, Piri Weiss. Grandchildren surviving are Deborah Gilbert Pressman-Cobb (Jonathan Cobb), her great grandson Charlie Zoltan Cobb, David Weiss (Mindy Weiss) and Geoffrey Weiss. Her husband Stanley predeceased in 2010.

Rose and Stanley immigrated to this country at 24 years old. Originally from eastern Europe, they met in 1945 and were wed within three weeks. After the Holocaust, they spent two years in a refugee camp in Rome, Italy before coming to NYC with their daughter and little else. They worked hard to learn English and embrace this wonderful country and were able to feed, clothe and educate their children. Stanley worked on the sewing machines in NYC until his true talent came to light, becoming a top designer of leather goods. Prior to retirement in Florida, he designed pocketbooks for Coach, Inc. When her daughters were teens, Rose went to work outside the home. She worked at Bloomingdale’s and went on to the NYC Housing Authority. Because English was her second language, some of her proudest moments were when she passed her civil service exams. In her retirement she pursued her love of fashion and her early millinery training and was seen all around Pine Island in an array of hats and scarves she made and trimmed stylishly to fit any occasion.

We celebrated her 90th birthday at the Tarpon Lodge in 2014 with the whole family including her beloved nieces and nephews and their extended families. She made many friends here. Until her last thought, she had very strong feelings about the future so with Rose in mind we ask that in lieu of flowers, we vote the President out of the White House.