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New islander opens Island Tech in his home

By Staff | Aug 12, 2020

Craig, Brandy and Kadance Judson. PHOTO PROVIDED

Craig Judson has been repairing and upgrading computers throughout his entire adult life. When the pandemic hit, he said traveling back and forth from his island home to Cape Coral became too financially overwhelming.

Judson with his wife Brandy and 6-year-old daughter Kadance had moved to the island a little less than a year ago and it wasn’t long before he realized he’d like to work here as well. Adjusting to work during the pandemic wasn’t too difficult in his business, as he said he simply meets clients while wearing a mask and sanitizes the hardware they bring once he checks them in. So far, Judson said he’s met a good share of welcoming islanders and has received many referrals.

“I’ve been told there’s a need for this on the island,” said Judson, “I was just hoping it would be enough to support my family.”

He said staying home during the pandemic created less of a need to leave the island and it wasn’t long before he and his wife realized they didn’t want to leave at all. Opening Island Tech in his home has allowed Judson a great deal of time to interact with his daughter as well.

“It’s just nice to have more time with the family,” Judson said. “When I was working at the shop all the time, I didn’t really have a whole lot of time here at the house, but then when the quarantine hit I was at home quite a bit and I thought, this is a pretty nice place.”

Not long ago Judson said his wife was busy running their daughter to therapy five days a week to receive treatment for autism. Since living on the island, he said his daughter has opened up more and now he’s available to help her with school.

Kadance is a student at Pine Island Elementary, although the Judsons have opted for her to learn from home for now.

“Brandy’s parents call this the miracle house, because once we got here, Kadance really blossomed,” said Judson.

While living in Cape Coral, Judson said they lived in a complex with nowhere for their daughter to play outside, and “now she has a place where she can go out and be a kid.”

As far as his business goes, he said the reason he’s always stuck with this business is that it’s given him an ample opportunity to help people out, which he enjoys.

“I’ve been told I have the patience of Job,” Judson said, chuckling, “because I like to help the elderly, who can’t always figure this stuff out and find it confusing. I try to keep things very simple and not use language that will make it more confusing. I like to take my time and have no issue sitting down with someone to explain what I did to their machine and why.”

Judson said he does not charge for diagnostics, as someone may come in with a simple problem that he can address with ease.

According to Judson, people passing the word around that he’s both good at what he does and honest in his work, is often payment enough.

“If you do right by people, it will come back to you,” says Judson. “Especially here on the island, I would never want a bad name. I just enjoy helping people.”