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Dolphin Tales: Diver saves dolphin

By Staff | Aug 5, 2020

Professional scuba instructor Keller Laros has logged in over 10,000 dives off the coast of Hawaii. While conducting a night dive, Keller encountered a solo dolphin who swam up to the diver “asking” for assistance to remove fishing line and a hook that was tangled around the dolphin’s pectoral fin.

The diver was startled when he heard the dolphin squeak really loudly, directing the sound toward the master diver. The dolphin swam in circles around the night divers until Laros realized the dolphin was in distress. Usually dolphin show up with 2-3 other dolphin. This one was alone. The dolphin was in trouble.

It is not uncommon for dolphin, manta rays, sea birds and sea turtles to be injured by becoming entangled in fishing line. At one point after Laros had begun the process of cutting away the fishing line while the dolphin patiently hovered in the water, the dolphin surfaced for air and came right back to Laros to finish the job. The dolphin clearly needed help and knew that the diver would help her. The diver was just happy that he happened to be there at the right time in the right place to assist.

Dolphin are wild animals and do tend to keep their distance being somewhat aloof at times. This is what makes this story so remarkable. This dolphin initiated contact with humans because it needed help.

We are both mammals and share a kindred spirit. Please make sure you dispose of monofilament line, cast nets and, of course, all plastic properly. Keep our seas and our sea life safe!

Capt. Cathy Eagle has spent over 40 years boating in our local waters. As a professional charter captain she specializes in dolphin and nature tours. Visit CaptainCathy.com or call 239 994-2572.