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Sweeney’s SOS helps people stay clean through COVID-19

By Staff | Jul 8, 2020

The front of the Sweeney’s SOS store on Stringfellow Road in Bokeelia. PAULETTE LEBLANC

Sweeney’s SOS has had the unique opportunity to be considered an essential business through the pandemic. Owner Patti Sweeney says soap is, of course, the number one defense against a virus.

“The more you wash your hands, the better off you’ll be,” said Sweeney.

Although people were ultimately concerned with obtaining hand sanitizers and masks, Sweeney’s soaps did fairly well, as people could come into the store or acquire them online. She also set up an essential oil bar, with approximately 20 essential oils known to fight germs and viruses in particular. She did this in an effort to allow clients to put together their own product.

She said the store in Fort Myers that carries her line of charcoal soaps actually ran out of her product, as charcoal is best known for removing toxins and neutralizing poisons.

“Charcoal is already your best defense, and I only use essential oils,” said Sweeney. “Most of these oils are ani-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.”

A sample of the items available in the store and online. PAULETTE LEBLANC

Sweeney, who said her online sales went up, admits people have been trying to take care of everything they can at home due to directives to remain distant from others.

Her store is ready to celebrate its fourth anniversary in Bokeelia this month, although she has been in the business of keeping people clean for over 10 years. She began in Bonita Springs and then moved her business online before making the move out to Pine Island. She said with the stock she has been able to create with the help of her son, she can almost open another store. She can also put together gifts according to clients’ specific taste and needs, and wants people to know she’s there to help.

“We’re here to keep islanders clean,” said Sweeney. “You’re always welcome to come in and get a free sample.”

Sweeney’s SOS is at 10954 Stringfellow Road, Bokeelia, FL 33922. For additional information about the store, please call 720-933-0773 or online visit sweeneyssos.com.