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Christine Karow Hair Designs keeping islanders safe and beautiful

By Staff | Jul 1, 2020

Christine Karow, keft, the salon owner with hair stylist Lisa Soffe. PAULETTE LEBLANC

During the coronavirus pandemic, many people skipped their beauty regimen in an effort to stay healthy.

Christine Karow Hair Designs owner Christine Karow is determined to keep the staff and clients safe, so they can resume visits to her salon without fear.

For starters, Karow keeps 15 minutes in between appointments for each client so there aren’t too many people in an enclosed area at one time. Clients waiting for a service are asked to do so in chairs Karow has set up outside the salon, with 6 feet between each chair.

The staff is required to wear masks and asks that clients do the same. If someone does not have their own mask, they are provided by Karow or a staff member.

She has purchased a medical grade ozone generator, which kills any virus lingering in the air, each night, as well as an air purifier with a HEPA grade filter, that runs throughout the day.

In addition to continuously wiping down anything that is touched, with alcohol, each cape is sprayed with Lysol after a client has completed their service.

“I’m doing all I can to protect our community,” said Karow. “Maybe I don’t have an underlying health condition but a lot of my clients do. Every day I have people come in who may have underlying health conditions and we don’t always know.”

Karow said she feels very confident that she’s taking every possible precaution to offer a safe environment, since it’s impossible to be socially distant in her particular profession, although she says even the massage therapists are masked whenever a client is a a supine position (face up).

In addition to trying to keep the current virus at bay, Karow said she is moving in a direction toward making the salon more organic with her products. Something she’s done to support this is to stop using products with known cancer causing carcinogens.

“We’re doing the best we can to protect the island,” said Karow.