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Southwest Florida Face Mask Crew offers thanks

By Staff | Jun 17, 2020

To the editor:

Thank you to all who made our Southwest Florida Face Mask Crew event a success last weekend, particularly Eric McCrea, pastor of the Methodist Church, and Demine Immigration Firm from Fort Myers, who made a very generous contribution. We are looking forward to holding a community event to distribute patriotic-themed masks to anyone and everyone who needs them by the end of the month. Details will be published as soon as permission from the location is obtained.

We have distributed over 3000 face masks thanks to our strong community support from people sewing, donating time and supplies, and many financial donations both large and small. We could not do this without the support from Pine Island, and would like to do everything we can to help keep Pine Islanders safe.

We are truly in this together, and by working together we will get through it.

Isabel Francis MPA, MSN, RN