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Ancuram Family Clinic opens in Bokeelia

By Staff | Jun 17, 2020

Daniel and Nadia Hanley with Plato by the Ancuram Family Clinic sign on Stringfellow Road. PAULETTE LEBLANC

Daniel and Nadia Hanley are a husband and wife team determined to care for Pine Island. They’ve recently come here to open Ancuram, their Bokeelia clinic, where Daniel will practice family medicine.

Although Daniel suffered profound hearing loss before he’d even learned to speak, he refuses to let it get in the way of his practice, or the needs of his patients. From the time he was a child, his mother insisted on his acceptance into both advanced and honors classes, realizing, although he needed special attention due to hearing loss, nothing should hold him back.

Daniel earned his bachelors of science at the College of New Jersey, obtained a masters of science from Johns Hopkins, then went on to earn his MD from Loyola in Chicago and his MBA from the University of North Carolina. In his experience, his hearing loss has only added to the inclination to connect with patients one on one. It’s this skill set he’s now brought to the island in an effort to live out his dream of serving a community as their family doctor.

“I love Pine Island because of the peaceful life,” said Daniel. “It is the ideal environment, not only to live, but to raise a family.”

Daniel, who is originally from New Jersey, met his wife, Nadia, in Chicago. Together they have a 5-year-old son, Aleks, and a dog named Plato. He says they’re both from areas prone to colder climates, where they can hardly do anything for half the year as they would be stuck indoors. Since that was not the lifestyle they were looking for, they headed to Florida when Daniel saw an opening at MedExpress in Cape Coral. His training as a primary care physician came in handy as he says patients in the clinic asked him repeatedly to be their doctor. It didn’t take long until the couple discussed opening their own practice.

They were referred to Pine Island, and Daniel says when they came here they fell in love with the area.

“We explored St. James City, we explored Bokeelia, there was nothing that we didn’t like,” said Daniel. “We couldn’t believe this space was available. We thought there would be so much competition with other doctors, because there’s a real need here.”

His wife Nadia, whose formal training is in chiropractics, plans to reboot her own practice, which will also be here on the island, once they’ve gotten settled. For now, she’s the acting office administrator, helping to do everything that Daniel is not able to, such as taking phone calls, doing the billing, checking in patients and triaging them, while Daniel heads up patient management, by diagnosing, treating and doing patient referrals when necessary.

In fact, Daniel says, his calling as a true family doctor has instilled a deep desire to be available, not only during office hours, but in being genuinely accessible to those who need him.

“Money is important, but it’s not the only thing,” he said. “I don’t want people to worry about paying their bill when it comes to me – let them worry about paying other people. That’s the way it should be and I want to get back to that.”

Daniel says in the future he imagines a bit of expansion, such as a lab, as he doesn’t like the idea of having to send islanders out onto the mainland simply to get blood drawn. He says whatever people of the Pine Island Community need, he would like to provide.

“I want to do my part,” said Hanley. “Everyone deserves great care.”

Ancuram Family Medicine is at 10700 Stringfellow Road, #50, Bokeelia. For more information, call 833-742-6276.