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A new bureaucracy cometh

By Staff | May 13, 2020

To the editor:

As a retired business executive I have become more aware and chagrined about the unrestricted growth of the federal bureaucracy -people, who have not stood for election by the people, but wield a tremendous amount of power to affect the lives of the electorate. More and more of these shadowy individuals are tilting the administration of the laws, without any loyalty to the people who hold elected office. In these times of medical and economic strife in our country caused by COVID-19, it is important that we Americans band together to fight off this medical enemy. But, instead we are increasingly falling prey to a new bureaucracy. I mean medical geniuses, who are gifted in their own profession, but don’t know a whit about how to run a business, or even more, a country. They spout hypotheses of combined or conflicting data on how to flatten the curve of infection, but have no idea how to advise us on how to allow people to maintain a livelihood while they kill this virus. Keeping people locked up in their houses without an income may have some medical benefit, but is a seriously dangerous formula for the economic health of America, or we Americans.

We Americans are a gregarious soup of combined races and ethnicities, all yearning to succeed and breath free. By locking us up, these well meaning bureaucrats are, to coin a phrase, “throwing out the baby with the bath water,” by both saving us and killing us at the same time. I would suggest that we do less saving and more nurturing of what has made Americans successful in overcoming world wars, economic depressions and a multitude of pandemics. Unleash the spirit and genius of Americans through liberty, not confinement. I believe that we will all breath easier using this formula.

Mark N. Strom