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A virus that’s easy to cure

By Staff | Apr 15, 2020

To the editor:

This letter is in reference to the article in last week’s Eagle about the Great American Cleanup during April. We on Pine Island are fortunate to have a recreational trail that gives walkers and bikers a traffic-free path for the length of the island. Since our days of social distancing started, I have had more time to use the path and usually take a trash bag when I go for a ride on my recumbent trike. I have done this for about 10 days and have filled that many large trash bags. To date, the area between SJC and the Dollar Store have been covered. The disconcerting part is, when I am biking anywhere on the part that has been done – there are the same water bottles, beer cans, plastic bags, Styrofoam containers and much worse! While we are dealing with a pandemic, we seem to have another virus — the one that manifests in the mindset that it’s OK to throw trash out of a car window. This one is easily cured. Please don’t litter on Stringfellow Road! Or anywhere else!

Jackie Mallery

Pine Island Cove