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Time to pull together

By Staff | Apr 8, 2020

To the editor:

In a recent Letter to the Editor it was stated that Republicans should tear up their government handout check for coronavirus economic recovery or donate it to someone else. If they do not they are hypocrites.

The writer forgets that the government obtains this money by collecting taxes and fees from its citizens and businesses. The government checks are funded by either past or future revenue from citizens or businesses. If it is paid from previous revenue this would be the same as a retroactive tax deduction. If it is from future revenue this is a loan that the government will expect its citizens to pay for in the future.

As for our family we will donate 10% of it and will spend the remainder of it purchasing items that will help local restaurants and small businesses to recover so that employees are retained or hired. Time for trickle down economics to be used for job growth.

Now is a time that we pull together!

Rick Helms

Cape Coral