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The Pineland Road ‘drag strip’

By Staff | Apr 8, 2020

To the editor:

Fellow Pine Islanders, in this time when we are all looking for entertainment, I have a suggestion.

When I was younger, we paid to go to a drag strip to watch cars, motorcycles and dragsters see how fast they could cover a quarter of a mile. We thought this was a lot of fun, all the noise, smoking tires. We’d have our favorites, chosen because of their paint job or the name of their rig.

Here on Pineland Road there is the opportunity to enjoy this sport for free. Every morning and afternoon you can watch big trucks hauling bigger boats and loud motorcycles as they accelerate out of the s-turn to see how fast they can go by the time they get to the post office. If we can get enough spectators, I might consider setting up a hot dog stand.

A warning though, stay six feet apart and don’t get in the road. I was nearly hit by one of the dragsters last week.

I guess we’ll need fences to keep the spectators off the road.

Jim Friedlander