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Update from the GPIWA

By Staff | Apr 1, 2020

To the editor:

In the interest of keeping our customers up to date I have the following:

– For customers with access to the internet, we will post any changes in GPIWA procedures on the home page. www.pineislandwater.com

– Water employees are classified as Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers by the US Department of Homeland Security. For those reasons to ensure we are staffed properly to produce water and maintain our distribution system we have taken extra precautions to ensure there is no disruption of service.

– March 18 we closed our lobby to the public and all activity was transferred to the drive up window and drop box. Although customer payments can be via the drop box or drive up window, signing up for autopay is much safer and more efficient for all. Any way we can reduce contact with the outside protects all our staff.

– Beginning March 23 our system outgoing pressure was reduced in the interest of extending our chemicals supplies.

– In the interest of public health, we are not disconnecting water service for non-payment until further notice.

All our staff will carry identification as Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers. If I can provide any further information please let me know.

Thank you.

Laurie Adams

General Manager

Greater Pine Island Water Association