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Pelosi, grandstanding on funding for coronavirus spending bill

By Staff | Mar 25, 2020

To the editor:

I’d say grandstanding to push the market lower does nothing for us.

This should be clear to everyone that states shutting down non-essential businesses has zero income to pay for their huge retirements as well as paying unemployment. What they do have is investments in stocks and bonds to pay these debts.

To say that big businesses should not be helped, which is what the states have invested in, is like throwing gasoline on a burning fire.

Depressing the only possible income for states by grandstanding, out-guessing what benefits there will be by a person assigned funds to insure that all businesses function, is plain stupid. Are we going to allow Congress to vote on each dollar for each business while everyone takes more hits in the stock market?

Everyone’s 401k gets smaller every day while Pelosi does nothing and will accomplish nothing for quite awhile.

I don’t see this as politics. I see this as plain stupidity by her.

Leo Amos