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Mickuleit taking precautions with staff, public

By Staff | Mar 25, 2020

When it comes to emergency situations, you cannot replace first responders. Local Fire Chief Ben Mickuleit isn’t taking any chances with his staff, or the community.

“We’re trying to eliminate any unnecessary contact with the public,” said Mickuleit. “At this time we will not be participating in, or attending any events.”

Mickuleit wants the community to be rest assured that there will still be an immediate response to any emergency, saying he plans to continue providing the highest level of service. In that one way, life will go on as usual, but for now, everything else will be handled with extreme caution. There will be no hurricane hang tags issued, no CPR classes and no tours of the station he said.

In addition to keeping the staff away from the public as much as possible, Mickuleit said twice daily the staff is subject to health checks, which includes specific questions and temperature gauging. The firefighters must comply with the first check before beginning each shift, and they are instructed to do the other at home.

All meetings and necessary training have been transferred to virtual training, in an effort to maintain the 10 or less people together at a time rule. Any person who comes across dispatch having flu-like symptoms will be met by EMS in full PPE, meaning a suit, eye protection, mask and gloves.

Mickuleit said at this time when they are hoping for the best and preparing for the worst, the community should follow the CDC guidelines:

– Wash your hands habitually

– Maintain a social distance of 6 feet

– Sanitize frequently touched surfaces, often.

“We’re taking very serious measures to protect the staff, the trainees and the families,” said Mickuleit.