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Wellness studio opens on Pine Island Road

By Staff | Jan 22, 2020

The front of the Wellness Studio located at 5261 Pine Island Road, #103, Bokeelia. MARTHA HUARD

Tim Shevlin has a passion for total wellness. Though most people associate the very word with their physical body, according to Shevlin, it’s much more than that. For instance, when the requests for yoga came streaming in, he answered that call by preparing a place where everyone could come in, whether they’ve mastered the practice or are just at the beginning stages.

“We offer Cherry Yoga, which is good for people who can’t get on the ground, up to a more advanced Flow Yoga,” said Shevlin. “We’ve got a Core Yoga mix that will work your abdominals, and a general Flow Yoga, which is more constant steady moving.”

The studio also offers Zumba classes, as well as small-group personal training, where the classes are intentionally kept small, to be sure students are still getting personal attention. People will also receive nutritional planning, in keeping with a focus on total wellness.

Mindfulness Training, also known as, MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) is something Shevlin has been dedicated to for several years.

“It’s a form of meditation where the focus is being totally present in the moment,” said Shevlin. “Accepting everything that’s going on around you, and being non-judgmental about all.”

Shevlin makes the point that if one is focused on the present moment, they won’t have stress or anxiety, as those things tend to exist in the past and future. He encourages living in the moment to relieve those stresses, which can inhibit them from manifesting physically. Another big focus for Shevlin is injury rehabilitation, explaining that that is much of what he does.

“I’ve put together different protocols for shoulder and lower-back rehab,” said Shevlin. “Lower back is important to me because I have hardly any feeling in my leg. I’ve had back issues since I was 20 years old. That’s why I didn’t pursue becoming an orthopedic surgeon. I left school to get into this industry — the more preventative side.”

He went on to explain that shoulder, back and knee rehabilitation without surgery is a steady aim for his plan to help others reach their wellness goals. Although he admits everyone has a different definition of wellness, he said that to him wellness means living healthier, longer and really about improving the quality of one’s life, mentally, physically and spiritually. With these things in mind, he tries to live out his mission every day.

“You can do all that through the methods I’ve developed,” said Shevlin. “Through eating properly, through exercise, through meditating…it all just makes a big difference in your life.”

The studio is located at 5261 Pine Island Rd #103, Bokeelia, 33922. For more about the studio including class schedules, call 239-558-4146 or visit www.MatlachaWellness.com.