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Miceli’s presents check to From Our Hearts

By Staff | Jan 15, 2020

From left, Mary Scott, Terri James, Joanne Schultz, Dominic Miceli, Joe Miceli, Val Miceli and Vinnie Miceli. PHOTO PROVIDED

Mary Scott, one of the founding members of From Our Hearts, a local organization that helps women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, was presented with a check for $2,800 from Miceli’s Restaurant Tuesday, Jan. 7. The organization, which covers four different ZIP codes here on the island, has now become a program at the Beacon of Hope.

“Becoming a program under Beacon of Hope has given us more access to use our money for different things,” said Scott. “We need to be able to cover things that people need, like a wig or maybe a ride to treatment.”

Scott went on to explain that the organization, which began as an act of good will, not only provides medical help, but many other facets that may be required by breast cancer sufferers. One recent issue the team faced is that if monetary help is given toward a patient’s high deductible, an insurance company may see that as the patient having obtained additional coverage, which may cause them to lose some of their benefits.

“We are good at raising money and we want to spend it on our people,” said Scott.

In speaking about Miceli’s affiliation with From Our Hearts, Scott recalled raffling off a car as a prize at Breast Fest one year and said the restaurant was kind enough to allow them to keep the car out front, as well as allowing pink decorations everywhere. As a continuous fundraiser for the organization, Miceli’s contributes a percentage of its revenue on specific days, without question and then matches it.

“They’re always up for anything,” said Scott. “I can’t remember anything they’ve said no to.”

She’d like everyone to know that the next big event coming up is Breast Fest on March 14 at the St. James Civic Association. For additional information, contact the Beacon of Hope, which is located at 5090 Doug Taylor Circle, St. James City, at at 239-283-5123 or visit the From Our Hearts website at fromourheart.org