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What’s good for the goose is good for the gander

By Staff | Dec 18, 2019

To the editor:

Would M’s McGuire, in the 12/4/19 editorial, gave incorrect information about our “form of government and impeachment” be heralding the same argument if she were the victim as President Trump is? If she was being charged and harassed for 3 years of being part of a crime that has no evidence and without balanced representation? What about having your hearings done in secret in a basement room? Does this even sound like the United States of America? The United States I know was founded with laws that stated you were innocent until proven guilty. What has happened to the right of every American to confront his accuser and not be tried on hearsay?

This is not some other country where the rule of law is a flexible “fake justice.” This is the U.S. where our veterans will speak how they laid down their personal lives to serve a country whose laws speak “justice for all” with right of innocence and any prosecution to be based on physical evidence as proof. Liberal “opinions” and “emotions” are not law. Bias is made up of opinions and emotions. The truth and what is right applies to our duly elected president as well as to the rest of us. Justice is supposed to be blind — to race, creed or political affiliation but not to the laws as the liberals see it.

Time to stand up and put the bright spotlight on the liberals “rule of law.”

Cathy Gee