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Regarding the ‘Wow! You’re awake’ letter

By Staff | Nov 20, 2019

To the editor:

Seriously…you go on to imply that even though the president bullies people, people shouldn’t come back at him…Really? Do you feel the president is above the law because he’s not…do you believe it’s OK for the president to say stupid stuff like shooting someone on Fifth Avenue in NYC for example or mocking a mentally challenged person is OKcause they’re also Not OK.Are you awake?

I seriously wonder…I point out a paragraph from said letter that reads…”the constitution of the USA directs our government to be led in the executive branch by the president”.

As far as I am concerned, disrespecting the presidency likened to being unpatriotic…seriously?.

What about the president’s disrespect for everybody? Where do you draw the line…on patriotism versus evil?

John Snyder

St. James City