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Wow! You’re awake

By Staff | Nov 13, 2019

To the editor:

After reading the “Letters to The Editor” in the Pine Island Eagle Tuesday, Nov. 5, I first thought this could be an opportunity for me to write my first novel by dissecting the articles and taking on the all the points of view, and disrespectful rhetoric about the president of The United States of America. But, I decided to just remark about some of the expressed local opinion.

Asking the editor of the Pine Island Eagle to censor articles, written at the editor’s invitation, is to ask the editor to engage in a blatant act against freedom of speech.

The most tyrannical organizations, and leaders of same, in history, have almost all started out by censoring editorials and using other forms of suppressing originality, popular opinion, speech, the written word and opposing political activity with subtlety, open rebellion, military action and foisting upon unsuspecting people the most un-personable policies, rules, covenants and direction, in an effort to gain control of the minds, actions and productive output of the people.

Suggesting that the gender make-up of any organization gives or takes away validity of that organization is a mysterious premise in my opinion. Not to mention, not very contemporary. Of course, we cannot see the charter of any organizations in the brief articles written in the “Letters to The Editor” and I’ll give credence to the fact that an article in the paper represents just one person’s opinion at a single point in time, just as this letter does mine today.

The Constitution of The United States directs our government to be led, in the Executive Branch, by a president. As far as I’m concerned, disrespecting the president of the United States is to disrespect the presidency itself and therefore, borderline unpatriotic.

One of the articles last week stated that “Letters to The Editor” were not supposed to attack a person. What about when the president is attacked? If this righteous opinion prevails, it should prevail for all.

Besides, one may not agree with the current president, but one might hope that all of the people, principles, practices and policies involved in growing the prosperity we now enjoy as a country are “dragged along” into the next administration (even if it is not lead by the current president), ‘cuz’ we ain’t doin’ bad.

The “Letters to The Editor” section of the Pine Island Eagle is a beacon of free speech. Calling out the editor, to be ashamed, is not how the editor should expect to be treated by this community. The editor should be lauded for integrity, and grit. It’s an open forum. But, do continue writing and opining, it’s the patriotic thing to do in a free society; and let the editor know you support her/him by doing so with fervor; and let the editor continue to recommend to the publisher of the paper that these snippets of local opinion be shared.

Your thoughts and actions are an integral part of, and you are contributing to, making our great country even greater. Thank you for your community spirit.

John Norton

St. James City