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The shoe fits — wear it

By Staff | Nov 7, 2019

To the editor:

Day after day we witness Democratic “lawmakers” and their lockstep voters fabricating and distributing various fairy tales as their rationale for their vicious, unending hatred of President Trump. Ask a Democrat who they support and what their candidate believes in. They will simply tell you anyone that can defeat Trump and has a platform of impeaching the president.

Most, if not all, of their concocted fables are unoriginal regurgitations from the mainstream media talking points that share but one common goal; reversing the election results of our 2016 presidential election. Few of them tout the virtues of socialism or even the virtues of their own candidates but neither do they denounce a tyrannical form of government that has enslaved and murdered millions since it was first conceived. In fact, many of them sanction one or more of the less repugnant non-homicidal aspects of what they believe socialism to be.

They immediately bristle, become confrontational and even hostile when confronted with the reality of the socialistic platforms of their Democratic presidential contenders while refusing to admit their party has devolved into “The Socialist Democratic Party of the U.S.”

Their “squad” supports ideas that would make any real American cringe in total disbelief while throwing their support behind a self-proclaimed Socialist actually running for president as a Democrat and all the while they continue to protest the label of “socialist” that they’ve earned and so richly deserve. This is who you’ve become, embrace it, stop denying it.

Our Constitution was created to provide individual freedoms for every citizen and has done so since its inception. Our country has fought wars to free others from the tyrannies of socialism and now the Democratic Party and their fanatically enraged followers are offering socialism as their alternative to freedom for your future, the future of your family and for our country.

Max Christian

St. James City