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Oceana Global Logistics helps companies

By Staff | Sep 18, 2019

Florida Gulf Coast University reached out to Sissil Dep in March or April.

The CEO of a local freight forwarding company spoke to a couple of classes at FGCU, one for graduate students and one for undergrads.

He told them about the industry; his company, Oceana Global Logistics; the need for local workers; and what it means to be successful in freight forwarding and international trade.

In addition to running a successful company, Dep also recently received the CEO USA 2018 Award from CEO Today Magazine.

Dep said he’s received a lot of positive feedback from students and FGCU asked him to participate again during the fall semester.

“I feel this is something I can do to make myself happy,” he said. “To know I have given back to the community and the people who are interested.”

Another reason Dep spoke to students was to let them know there is a need for local workers.

“In this town, we really cannot find the kind of people who can fulfill our open positions,” he said. “We have a kind of lack of people who can be in freight forwarding.”

There is a lot that goes into working in the industry.

“Every day something is changing and every day something brand new will come up and we work with different people around the world in different timetables,” Dep said. “(For example), the U.S. works Monday through Friday and some countries work Sunday through Thursday.”

Oceana Global Logistics is at 3949 Evans Ave., Suite 407A, Fort Myers. For more information, call 404-410-7994 or visit www.oglus.com.