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Sock drive under way for Destiny Diaper Bank

By Staff | Jul 12, 2018

In addition to adult diapers, pull-ups and wipes, Destiny Diaper Bank has added a drive for men and women’s adult socks, specifically diabetes socks.

Destiny Diaper Bank Founder Rebecca Hines said the adult drive they held earlier this month was a success – the received just under 2,000 diapers, as well as many wipes. They also received $800 in donations from the community and $2,000 donated by Cameo (Cooperative Associates Marketing Elderly Options).

“We have gotten so many phone calls. A lot of people did not have any idea that we did what we do,” she said. “For just that small little diaper drive, what it did was huge. I just can’t tell you how appreciative I am. To just get the information out there to the people . . . priceless.”

In addition, Hines said she also received a phone call from St. Vincent de Paul about several families in need of adult diapers.

“They are going to send them all to us,” she said.

Although the drive was a success, Destiny Diaper Bank still is in need of more donations, specifically size L, XL and larger in diapers and pull-ups.

“And don’t forget the wipes,” Hines said, adding that people are always appreciative of receiving those, too.

As for the sock drive, the organization is seeking all adult sizes for men and women.

“Any socks, but especially diabetic socks. That is a big thing,” Hines said.

The second Thursday of every month, at 10:30 a.m., Hines will be at Cape Coral Alliance Church, 4307 Skyline Blvd., distributing diapers. Those taking part are asked to preregister beforehand, so she knows what supplies they need and what to bring.

The church is also the new donation site. Hines said staff is there until 3 p.m. Donations may be dropped off after hours as well.

“Put it in a garbage bag and tie it tight and put it outside of the door,” she said.

Individuals are encouraged to keep their open packages of diapers and pull-ups and donate them to Destiny Diaper Bank.

In addition, monetary donations to Destiny Diaper Bank, 3660 Central Avenue, Suite 5, Fort Myers, Florida, 33901, are always welcome.

Destiny Diaper Bank mainly focuses on helping senior citizens and veterans on food stamps and Medicaid. They also want to find those who have so much of their money going out into medical expenses that they cannot afford diapers.

“My goal is to get out there and let people know what we are doing. I have to find the people that are choosing between food and diapers,” she said.

Hines said it can be very overwhelming when they all of a sudden have to come up with enough money to purchase food and also come up with $200-$300 for adult diapers.

“They are frozen. They don’t know what to do,” she said. “These are the people we are trying to find. We have the product and supplies. We are going to make sure we can get them to you.”

Some of these seniors, she explained, have their grown adult children purchasing the diapers.

“We have to find these people. When you’ve got an adult parent and your kids have to buy your supplies, it is so humiliating and embarrassing for the adult parent. It’s embarrassing that they need all of these packages every week because they know how expensive it is. We have to find those people to take that burden away,” Hines said.

She said it’s about giving someone the quality of life, hope and freedom of going back out into public again.

Destiny Diaper Bank is the only adult diaper bank in the state of Florida. Hines said they have distributed more than 3 million diapers since they started 11 years ago.

Those in need of service can call Hines, or send her a text at (239) 910-8198.