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Non-secular nature of public schools must be preserved

By Staff | May 23, 2018

To the editor:

A friend posted an article on a Florida group suing Collier County schools over “unbalanced” science books as a reminder that our local school board elections are really important and that we must all vote. And that includes the August primaries!

If you read or saw this ABC 7 story, you will clearly see that the 2017 law under which the religious group is challenging public school science textbooks in Collier, at taxpayer expense, was passed by our Republican Legislature and signed into law by our Republican Governor, who is now running to get to the U.S. Senate by unseating a long-time Democratic incumbent.

No matter where you live in Florida, we must get out and vote to protect ourselves.

Creationism is NOT a science and has no place in public school text books or curriculum. Teach it at home. Send your kid to a religious school. Teach it in church. Climate change is supported by science, whether you “believe” in it or not.

The rest of us must go to the polls and preserve the non-secular nature of our public schools statewide.

We need people at every level of government who can make sound, fact-based policy decisions. We need them on the school board, in the Governor’s office, in the State legislature, in the U.S. Congress and, yes, in the Administration. We must, MUST, vote.

Gloria E. Garber